Monday, August 26, 2013

Summer of Peace

We have had a very peaceful summer.
Days filled with work and love.
I'm pretty sure that is God's plan for all of us.
Work and Love.
The kids and I have had 3 totally uninterrupted months of doing what we want.
Not running to appointments.
Not even having to be home for appointments.
And Bradley's Grand Mal seizures have calmed.
On the RARE occasion that I do see one, they do not cluster, like before. 
Peace and calm.

He is still stuck looking up most days.
He's still requiring the O2.
He still has the occasional apnea spell.
He still has not progressed, but at least the regression has stopped.
And on Sunday night, Tom gave all the kids a Father's blessing.
And asked that each of them have peace and comfort as we start this school year.
That each of them feel comfort as they face the future with their brother.
And I am prepared for whatever the Lord decides to do with my Bradley.
I will continue to share him, if that is what the Lord wants.
And if the Lord takes him tomorrow, I am prepared for that too.
Because for the first time since his birth, I've been able to FINALLY enjoy him!!
To hold and cuddle him.
To be with him.
To play with him.
To enjoy him. And not worry.
Thank you Lord for this blissful summer of peace.
I will never forget it <3