Monday, February 24, 2014


Summer is coming.
The orders are flowing in.
I'm so busy and I love it!
I love making stuff for others on their special days.
Everyday is a chance to serve someone.
And I love that part of it too!

But tonight I got an opportunity I don't normally get.
The kids were out of lunch meat for their school lunches.
Our favorite is the sundried tomato turkey from Walmart's deli.
It's so good! It's worth the trip!
And I needed bottled water too.
So we all headed over to Walmart.
And after the shopping was over, we went out to the
parking lot and as we got close to the car a frightened lady approached us.
The first thing she said was,
"I don't want any money, but I need to feed my children tonight."

The spirit told me she was telling me the truth.
And I told her I had no cash and I could tell by the things she wanted that her wants were sincere.
She was really just trying to get some calories for her kids.
I'm usually too scared to talk to people in the parking lot.
I had a purse stolen once before in a walmart parking lot.
But I told the kids to stay with Tom and I took the lady inside to help her feed her family.

 I told her to get a cart.
And I could tell by the things she put in the cart that she was in fact telling the truth.
The grossest tuna. Dry pasta. The cheapest spaghetti sauce.
She picked up the generic raisin bran and she said it was filling so it was a good one.
I asked if she wanted a gallon of milk.
And she said that if she fed her kids fresh milk they wouldn't take the powdered later.
She said she adds sweetened condensed milk to the powdered milk and that helped it taste better.

I knew she was desperate.
She said tomorrow she would be able to get to the food bank,
but that she was very grateful for this little bit to help her get to tomorrow.
And she said her cats needed food and I should have insisted she got the food for her cats.
She told me her two cats helped her deal with the stress of her situation.
And I remembered all the nights Patches has climbed up on my bed
and snuggled with me since Bradley's been gone.
I choked back the tears and thought about Bradley.
 I thought about how many blessings I have.
How many times, I received help, because of Bradley, through the grace of God.

It was a sacred experience to help someone tonight.
An opportunity I don't normally get because of my fear.
But the spirit told me so strongly it was okay to help her.
And I helped her. And I'm glad I did.
I am not a perfect person.
I do not always help my brother.
But this was an opportunity, I'm glad I took.
I'm so grateful for everything I have.
And it gave me new eyes to see what I have been overlooking.