Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Watching the Son

Most of my life is pretty easy now.
We have settled into a routine.
And the only "hard" things I have to do are blood draws.
We saw the Endo last week and he said we had a NSD; non-sufficent draw.
We had been to the lab a week before and got the blood for one test, but not enough for another.

So I took him back to the lab the next day, and the same thing that always happens, did.
They poked  him in each limb.
And my doc had written a note that they could try his feet and hands this time too.
The only time we have gotten blood from a vein in his arm, was a miracle!
Read about that here.

They have to bend back the hands and feet to find those veins and it's kinda painful.
And Bradley starting crying.
And I kept thinking how UNFAIR all this crap is.
And wondering how in the world I'm ever going to get a
3 year old Bradley to come to the lab with me.
And they got a little from a vein in his foot, that they have used in the hospital before.

When they were done I said "thanks!" and took Bradley out to the car and
I shed a little tear for my baby as I buckled him in.
He had the normal - "What was that for?" look on his face.
And I called Tom and cried with him and told him that it was not fair that Bradley had to do this.
And that this is no way for a child to have to live.

To have to do this EVERY MONTH!
Twice a month, if they don't get enough.
Three times a month, if another doctor orders another test.
Four times in a month, if the second set of tests come back that they didn't get enough blood.

And Tom said "It won't be this much when his growth slows."
And I said "yah, I guess..."

And I thought about how much worse it could be.
That I could be maintaining so many other, harder, conditions, right now.
And I felt grateful for the little life we do have.
It really is quite enjoyable at other times.

And this morning I thought about how STRONG our
Heavenly Father is that he WILLINGLY saw his son suffer.
That it was the plan that his son would suffer with the sins of the world.
That he would see his son bleed from every pore.
That he would be mocked and beaten and whipped and forced to wear a crown of thorns.
That his son's hands, wrists and feet would be nailed to a cross.
And that the weight of his body would hang from those nails.

Really my life is not too bad.
And those tiny needles in Bradley's arms are nothing compared to
 what Heavenly Father and Jesus went through so that Bradley
can someday  
have his perfect body!

And I'm grateful I know that :)