Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Mother

I hold and comfort in the middle of the night, when the doctors are not there.
I've seen every seizure. Every blood draw.
Felt every pain with Bradley.
I know every aspect of Bradley's care.

A third year resident and I were talking one night during Bradley's stay.
She told me that some Mothers know more than the doctors.
And that it can be scary when they deal with Mothers.
I knew exactly what she was talking about.
I would be scared to cross, the mother of sick kid.

Bradley was in the hospital for a total of six days.
It's understandable.
He has seizures that are life threatening.

And I was in constant argument with the floor docs. 
Some have such egos!
They kept telling me they were in charge of my son's care.
I am the one in CHARGE of his care!

These are the major reasons Bradley was released on oxygen:
1. He has had strider since birth. (Google it)
2. He has chronic lung disease because of his history of aspiration and pneumonia.
3. He has small nasal passages and a constant congestion.
4. His pulse/ox has always been in the 80's.

And he can grow out of all of these things.
But the oxygen will not hurt in the mean time and hopefully
it will keep other damage from being done.
Low oxygen causes stress on the heart and all the other organs.

Bradley's crib is starting to look like a hospital bed, but at least it doesn't smell like one!
I can manage him at home.
I have to.
For my sanity and the sanity of my family; we have to have Bradley home!

Bradley has taught me how strong I am.
How strong women can be.
The Mother can do so much, when she is worthy of her calling.
Not only does she rock a baby. She rocks the future.
The God given right of Motherhood.
Given to Women.