Sunday, May 27, 2012

Special Needs And Nursery

Today I took Charlotte into nursery which was very small because of the holiday weekend.
And most of the leaders were gone, enjoying their weekend as well.
And so I decided to stay and help.
But my help wasn't needed too much because of the lack of children.
So I sat and played with the puzzles, as the few families, who were there, trickled in.
It was so nice to be alone with Charlotte. Totally focused on HER.
And after a few minutes, Tom walked passed the door pushing
Bradley in his stroller with the oxygen tank below.
And the thought suddenly came to me that in
8 months Bradley is going to be old enough to enter nursery!
And that thought almost blew my mind.
All of my children are growing up WAY TOO FAST!

And I've heard people express worry about their babies walking in time to go into nursery.
But with Bradley I'd like him to at least hold up his head by then.
All three of my first children, NEVER used the stroller at church.
But Bradley is using it more the bigger he gets.
And I cannot use the older child stroller because he slumps over in it.
I still use the infant seat snapped into the stroller, because he can lay back and it supports him better.

And by the time Bradley enters Nursery, we should have his pediatric wheelchair.
And I'm sure he'll be pretty comfy in it.
And I wonder what it will be like to go and "park" him in nursery.
Oh, this is becoming an interesting journey!

And I came home and told Tom my thoughts about nursery and Bradley.
And Tom said,
 "Well I've not even thought about that; but we could just take him to Sunday School with us."

And I said, "nooooooo"
And I explained that if we want Bradley to be as normal as possible we have to 
as normal as possible and do the things his peers are doing.
Even if that means going and "parking" him in nursery.
We of course will need a nursery leader who is comfortable with all that Bradley is too.
But my feeling is that the right leader, will be there for Bradley, when the time comes.

I had a sweet friend call me and ask me some questions for an article she is writing
for a local paper about special needs children.
One of her questions set me back a bit.
She wanted to understand the evolution of becoming a Mother of a child with special needs.
And I've been thinking about that question all week.
I don't know exactly when it happened.
I do know Bradley has been different from the beginning.
It's almost like having my first child again.

And the evolution continues on.
And I hope I don't make too many mistakes along the way.
Similar to the way I feel about making mistakes with my oldest; Madeleine. 
And I COULD be paralyzed by fear, but I CHOOSE not to be.
It's just learning, right?
I'm not perfect.
I'm a work in progress.  

I know I have changed.
I was not thinking about any of the things I think about NOW; a year ago.
Perhaps some of my new knowledge has even jadded me a bit.
But all change has been for the good.
And glory has rested on Bradley, as I have realized who he really is.

Special is an okay word to discribe him.
But I want to find a better more perfect word to discribe him.
A word that means all of the following words combined:
 Soul stirrer

Let me know if you think of one.....