Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hero of the Heart

 Bradley's hospice doctor was here on Monday.
Bradley has sounded like he's breathing through water for a month now.
Seriously junky.
And she suggested we try taking down his water intake.
Problem is he's already really low.
But on days where the mucous just oozes out of his mouth, it works to turn off his food.
So I thought I'd try it.
It reminds me of when my Grandmother was passing and she would only drink little sips.
She had no use for food and didn't eat for the whole last month.
So we turned down the liquid food. And guess what? It caused other problems.
He couldn't eliminate.
And yesterday he was screaming in pain trying to get it out.
It's a fine balance.
Tom suggested we go higher one day and lower the next.
I think that is what we will try.
It did make him sound better.
Those watery breaths are just scary.
It sounds like he's drowning sometimes.
On Sunday there was a baby blessing.  
And the babies uncle has Downs Syndrome and he is about my age.
And he got up and bore his testimony.
And his words touched my heart.
And I cried the entire time he spoke.
He is such a hero.
Such an example.
And if there was ever a testimony I was privileged to hear, it was his.

There was a time I was grateful Bradley didn't have Down Syndrome, but now I wish he did!!
I'm jealous of the prognosis.
And that reminds me to be grateful for what I have - right now!
Bradley has saved my heart in so many ways.
He is my hero of my heart.