Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ordinances Not Needed

Jacob wanted to lay down with Bradley the other day.
So I took him down to the cemetery and let him.
He says he misses holding his hands the most.
He wishes he could hold his tiny, soft hand one more time.
I know exactly how Jacob feels.

I have made an effort, during Bradley's entire existence, not to be bitter. 
It's hard when I see a boy his age, to NOT think about all of the things Bradley could be doing.
Every time I see a two year old boy sliding down a slide I say to myself,
"Bradley WILL do these things someday; we just have to wait. We can wait!"

 I missed him terribly on my Birthday.
I can see how the holidays will be the hardest.

Tom was looking at familysearch.org last night.
And out of curiosity, he looked us up.
It had all of our children accounted for.
Even our precious Bradley.
Our child that no one can tell I birthed only two years ago.
All of our dates were accounted for.
Birthdates. Baptism dates. Wedding dates.
All of our ordinances.
And Bradley's death date too.
And under Bradley's name it said "Ordinances Not Needed"
What an incredible blessing it is to know that Bradley is taken care of.
His precious spirit came to his body and filled the tests of Heaven.
He is perfect and does not need to prove himself more.
He was indeed an old soul.
Why did so many of us know that?
I know Bradley is saved.
He did not need this test.  
My brave little man and his chance at mortality.
He has a pass directly to heaven now.
 I'm proud to call him mine  ♥