Wednesday, March 14, 2012

St George and Seizures

Sometimes it is nice to live in a naive bliss, isn't it?

When I was a kid, my Mom held the calling of camp director often.
In March, she and another sister, would go and "scout-out" girls camps.
They would make a day of it.
It was a whole day's trip to travel 2-3 hours from home and return as well.
She'd return tired, sunburned, and with a diet coke in her hands.
She would tell us what she had seen.
She would tell us how excited she was to plan camp and how they had found a perfect spot!
But now that I'm an adult, it seems the calling of camp director has somehow eluded me.

 And so this past weekend, I had planned a trip to go with our
ward's camp director and show her the perfect spot.
Tom's Aunt owns a little piece of property near Pine Valley which makes a perfect group camp spot.
But the trip did not go as planned!
We were late leaving Las Vegas. And we had to stop and feed Bradley and the kids.
And the girls camp director made it to the
meeting spot before I did and I told her to go on without me.

But it was okay, I would visit family instead.
 Tom's Grandma was turning 85 and we haven't see her since last year!
We thought she'd like to meet Bradley :)
When we got to Tom's aunts house, I took Bradley out of his car seat to show him off,
And as I pulled his tiny body from the seat,
 his eyes were doing funny things and his body was ridgid and limp all at the same time.
I looked at his lips which were blue and said to Tom
"Is he having a seizure?"
Tom and I made eye contact and tried not to draw attention to ourselves.
I took off his helmet. He came to quickly.
The rest of the afternoon, I watched him do it three more times.
And I thought about going to the emergency room when we got back to town
but felt like I was too far from my hospital to do much about it now.
Now looking back on it, I should have said more.
I should have taken Bradley home as soon as I saw the first one.

As we were getting ready to leave, I left to use the restroom one last time.
Tom was packing the kids and getting them ready.
When I returned, I could not believe my eyes.
Bradley was laying flat on his back. His lips were blue, His toes were curling.
My ears were ringing.
I could tell he was out of air.
It lasted for an eternity.
And then it was over and he lay limp on the floor.
Tom's Dad and Tom gave Bradley a blessing.
I called the pediatrician who said to go to the closest hospital because they were continuous.
We left the kids with Tom's Mom and drove as fast as we could to the other side of St. George.
When we got there we signed in with a volunteer
who said to come get him if Bradley had another seizure.

Sure enough, another hit.
And they let us back.
And I told the ER Doc our story.
All the crap Bradley has gone through.
And I gave him all of Bradley's Doc's numbers.
And he called them.
And Bradley had another.
And they started trying to get an IV into him.
They poked him twice in each limb.
And finally I told them that I didn't want all of his sites blown
because I was planning on going back to Vegas.
And I told them I would fly in helicopter or plane.
And they gave him phenobarbital through his g-tube!!!!
He wouldn't have otherwise got the meds that stopped the seizures that were turning him blue.

And they loaded him into his car seat on oxygen in case another came and turned him blue.

And they loaded him on a gurney, and put us on an ambulance to the airport.

And when we got to the airport, Bradley had a private plane waiting to take him to Vegas.
And I told him that lots of people take planes to Vegas and that it would be alright.

And they put him in a special place on the plane where they could monitor his vitals.
And I prayed they wouldn't really have to.

And as we flew into vegas, I saw the strip and my heart swelled with hope.
I had let go of any, just in case.
And I looked out the opposite window of the plane and saw the temple.
And I knew it would be okay no matter what!
And we rode in another ambulance to Sunrise.

And the entrance of Sunrise had never looked better!
And I was so grateful to be home :)

He was admitted and I stayed in his room with him.
And the neurologist came in and said we REALLY needed an appointment with the geneticist.
And I told him I was waiting on his office giving the results of the MRI and the EEG to Dr. Morris.
And he remembered the appointment Bradley had with him two months ago.
And he said that he would send those results on Monday, first thing.

And Bradley was released on phenobarbital to control the seizures.

And I'm grateful to be home.
And we have an appointment with the geneticist, NEXT WEEK!