Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Answered Prayers

Yesterday Bradley had physical therapy in the morning.
It was 70 degrees in Vegas.
It's getting warmer.
And his helmet makes him sweat.
He was warm all day and fussy.
But I thought it was the weather and the helmet making him warm.

 Later in the afternoon, when all the kids were home,
 I was sitting in our chair feeding Bradley through his tube.
I was pouring some formula in and he was arching his back and at first I thought I had overfilled him.
As I looked at his eyes, I noticed that he was looking up.
Actually REALLY far up.
Then I looked at his hands and they were shaking slightly.
I said"BRADLEY?"
He didn't look at me.
I had Madeleine come and look.
I asked her if Bradley looked different.
She said he did.
He kept doing it and wouldn't respond to my voice.
His mouth was open wide and he was breathing.
I called Tom and told him I thought Bradley was having a seizure.

Tom instantly said "I'll come home!"
I hung up and the kids were gone. I yelled for Maddy.
She came in and said Jacob and her were saying a prayer for Bradley.
The tremors stopped.

I put him on the bed and felt his skin.
It was so hot!
I put the thermometer under his arm and saw the numbers jump to 102 and climbed.
I started to undress him and removed his helmet.
Right after I got his helmet off he started throwing up.
He threw up everything I had fed him.

When he was done I gave him some Tylenol.
We called the pediatrician who said, because of Bradley's history, we had to go to the hospital.
 I didn't want to!
I always have had to leave him when I've taken him before.
But when Tom got home, we ate and packed a small bag and reluctantly drove down there.
He was acting fine by this point. But we had to have the ER check him out.

Sunrise hospital is in such a bad area of town.
And I feared I would have to leave my baby again.
And I thought about all the nights that I had left him in that hospital in the crappy part of town.
And all the nights I worried about him away from me.
And all the nights I left him, not knowing what was wrong with him.
I wondered if it would be a similar night.

Thankfully it was NOT!
They drew blood and took a urine sample.
They swabbed his nose for RSV and influenza.
And everything came back negative.
They even checked his calcium levels which were in the normal range.
Doctor said she thought he had had a febrile seizure.
She said if a fever comes on suddenly that children 6 months to 6 years can get them.
She said "typical" children have them and that if we asked around
someone in our family has probably had them.
(no one has)
We were released on Tylenol and ibuprofen.

When we got home I tucked him into his bed and he fell right asleep.
I came down did the dishes and some laundry.
And I was in bed by midnight.

This morning we talked with the kids and told them about what the doctor had said.
Jacob found this book and showed Tom what Bradley's eyes looked like during the seizure.

(Jake's a smart kid)
And I told the kids that it was a good thing they had said a prayer for Bradley.
That it had helped him to be okay.
Prayer IS powerful!
And I know Bradley's life a direct result of answered prayer.
When he was close to death, he had people everywhere praying for him.
His name was put on the prayer roles in the temples over 50 times
He is a miracle of answered prayers.
And every time I have a prayer for him, it usually gets better.
He is my little litmus paper for prayer.

Prayer CAN change the night to day.
Prayer DOES help the weary.
SO Don't forget to pray!