Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Unexpected Check

I do not know the future. No one does.
But with Bradley's conditions, I've got to live life to the fullest, RIGHT NOW!
And today I got an unexpected refund check in the mail.
And I told the kids I would take them somewhere.
And Jacob wanted to go to Build-A-Bear.

Mind you, two years ago, as I packed a bag of stuffed animals for the Goodwill,
I vowed I would never buy over-priced stuffed animals again.
But tonight, I didn't care about the money.
I needed to take Bradley!

And Bradley picked out his very first Build-A-Bear tonight.

And the kids helped him stuff it.

And love it.

And brush it.

 And dress it.


And we made memories that can never EVER be taken from us!

Memories I would have paid a million dollars for!
I know that in the eternities, the things that we will do together,
will be way better than this silly trip for over-priced stuffed animals!
But I think it is interesting that I was given a way to do this little trip tonight.
And I'm constantly being helped along this road I am treading.
I have a constant, strong, loving, all knowing arm around me.
And I'm being told how to do this,
because I don't know how to do this!!
Even if I cry all the way home.
Grateful for that check today.
Grateful for the help.
Grateful for the memories.