Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Mansion in Paradise

Bradley's spirit permeated our home when he was here.
Peace and calm.
Spirit and direction.
Promptings and help.
It has felt like chaos some days without him.
Some days I'm numb so that I can function.
Some days I'm sad and I do not function.

His third birthday came last weekend.
The grief came in hard waves all weekend long.
And no matter what we did, I had a hard time functioning and wanted to stay in bed.
But that didn't stop the party.
I love parties!
And Bradley sent me a party theme.
We had a paradise-party.
It reminded us all that he was safe in paradise.
We wore leis, sipped from island straws, ate cotton candy and set off orange balloons at his grave.
On Tuesday morning I reflected on what birthday gifts he was given in heaven.
I wish I could have sent him packages full of toys and candies.
But as I thought about it, I saw my Son sitting in his mansion in heaven.
Looking at his amazing view as he soaked up the sun by his pool.
Maybe he played a round of tennis in his courts with his friends,
 before he jumped in his gorgeous pool.
We toured some model homes last week; just for fun.
(We are NOT moving!)
And we toured a beautiful house that I cannot stop thinking about.
The theme of orange and butterflies was all through the d├ęcor.
I kept hoping it was a sign that we should purchase the house.
The house had an amazing view of the strip and was SO perfect for me!
But I realized that beautiful home was a sign from Bradley that he has a mansion in Heaven.
Better than the orange butterfly house on Horizon Ridge.
Way more grand.
Far more beautiful and expensive.
Bradley sent me a glimpse of his 3rd birthday gift to give me some hope.
To let me know he is safe in his heavenly home
 was the best thing he could have sent me for his Birthday.
I am surprised how he continues to send me perfect messages from heaven.
The signs continue to come, and he continues to help me look up to the heavens with hope.