Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Metabolic Disorder???

He was in the PICU for the next few days. We never really found out what was wrong with him and the nurses and all the specialist that came in just kept saying we had a very sick little boy.
They started feeding him my breast milk which I had been sporadically pumping.
When you are being told your son is going to die you don't feel like pumping much.
They fed him in a gavage tube.
He never woke up while we were in the PICU and the nurses and doctors were puzzled by this.
When they finally got blood out of his belly button line they sent it for some testing.
The doctors were convinced he had a metabolic disorder.
The had also sent out some initial chromosomal stuff.
He was technically eating again which had me worried that he would some
how reject the feedings they were giving him.
But I didn't know how he would if it was being forced down a tube to his tummy.
And he started improving and he was tolerating feedings.
And so five days after being admitted to the PICU we were moved to the NICU because they would be better at getting my baby to gain weight....and I thought perhaps he did just need to get fat and maybe we could be sent home in a week.