Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Surgery Day!

Bradley's surgery was scheduled on the first day of school.
 School started at 9am and the surgery was at 10:30am.
Madeleine was starting Second grade; Jacob was starting Kindergarten.

We live in a very hot place, and Jacob was sweating from the heat
and I thought the drop of sweat was a tear.
 But he told me later it was NOT.

 Bradley was very comfy when we got there.

Then I told him what we were doing and that woke him up!

 I wanted pictures and videos just in case.
I signed papers that said I wouldn't hold them liable if he died and so it was on my mind....

But the surgery went perfectly! Finished in an hour and a half!
And he came back looking like this

And I could not stop looking at this very anticipated new part of his tiny body.
The G-tube
Fingers crossed it works like it should!