Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Heaven Has a Plan for You

Going through pictures and videos of Bradley is strange.
 He's changed so much.
He's been through so much.
The lights in his eyes have changed too.
Every picture is so different.
Doesn't help that his hair grows faster than any body I've ever known :)
{that's totally a genetic anomaly!!}
Some pictures now, I can tell were from bad days.
And these seizures were here from the beginning.
Days when he was absent. And floppy.
Makes sense why he has never held up that head.

And good days too!!
Days when we had new adventures.
Tried new things.

Explored this thing called life.
His chance at mortality.

Things I have never done before too.
Places my heart had never been before.

 And lots of afternoons full of peace.
Love, from up above, pouring into my home.
We each have our own plan.
Our own path.
And I wonder, all the time, how short Bradley's path is going to be.
He's been on a very condensed path this entire time.
So small and short, and yet SO MUCH was accomplished.
There is a plan for him.
And he has been very obedient in fulfilling it.
I am a very proud Mom tonight.
Thinking how short yet how WIDE his path has been.
I'm glad we have done so much, Bradley <3
I'm glad I got to do it with you, Son <3