Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Carry Us to Eternity

You always have hope for your children.
That is something, as a Mother, you never give up.
I still have hope, even in the evening hours, of days like today,
that Bradley will stop seizing someday.

This morning I was awakened by the sounds of Bradley seizure cries.
Sometimes they are so relentless, he screams out in anticipation of the next.
And he had about 6 seizures in 20 minutes this morning. Or perhaps it was a 20 minute seizure.
I held him and hoped they would not be his last.
And I gave him an emergency medication.
 And he's been asleep since then.
And I'm grateful he is still breathing.

I am grateful still, for what I have.
Days that are still filled with the sounds of Bradley breathing.
I am grateful I can hold him in my arms and watch him sleep.
The days that I actually see his eyes are becoming fewer.
But I am grateful we still have those days.
That I can still see him. 
 I am grateful I've had these near 20 months to get to know my Bradley.
And our bond will last for all eternity.
I know I can be carried on his memories into eternity.

My heart is screaming in anticipation for the day when I shall see him how he was intended.
The day that he will see me again too.

Carry me on your wings sweet Bradley;
and I will carry you in my heart.

Photos by my friend and photographer, Amanda Sanders Clark.