Sunday, June 10, 2012


This morning, Bradley woke up crying at 5am. He is not normally a fussy baby.
And I looked over in his crib and heard that he was even more congested than yesterday.
And I decided to use the nebulizer and give him a breathing treatment.
And he sounded like he was choking on snot.
And I suctioned his nose and mouth.
And he looked kinda dusky, like last month.
So I turned up his oxygen.

 And he continued to look grey. And I almost called the ambulance.
And we called Tom's mom to come watch the big kids.
And I drove down to Sunrise.

 And I knew he was sick again. It has been only 35 days since the last time.
And sunrise swabbed him for RSV and influenza.
And he is RSV positive again!

And the doctor said we'd turn his oxygen up and send us home.
And I was very happy to be an established oxygen patient already.
And I told him I was worried that Bradley might have a seizure.
And the doc said if he did, the ER is always open.

And I asked if it was normal to see RSV in June.
And the doctor said kids like Bradley get RSV year round.

And as we checked out with billing, a young Saturday night party go-er was there checking out too.
And she said, "AWE is your baby sick?"

And I said "Yes."
And she said "But he's getting better, right?"
And I don't know how to answer that question.
So I didn't say much.

And she wished us luck as we left, and told me to take good care of him.
And the billing lady told her that I was taking good care of him.
The billing lady saw how much we owe sunrise.
And yet she could tell he was well taken care of.

And he has been very fussy today.
RSV is mean.
And I'm watching for seizures.
Seizures are mean too.

I'm sick of being sick.