Friday, June 22, 2012


I think when Bradley was created the stars alligned and gave us a truly unique child.
A "mystery" as his pediatrician likes to call him.

He likes to be mysterious, I guess.
It keeps us on our toes too.

Yesterday Bradley slept all day. I kept waiting for him to wake up.
He had fallen asleep at midnight and we had an appointment at 9am.
It seemed strange that he was not up by 9am to eat.
But he had been sick and in the hospital and that takes some recovery time.
And the g-tube makes feeding a sleeping child very easy.
Bradley doesn't skip meals!

And so at 1pm when he still would not wake up,
I took a pulse ox and saw that his numbers were a little low.
I turned up the oxygen.
And I took his blood sugars and they were normal.
And those are the only two things I can check at home.
So I called Tom and told him.
I called him ever hour Bradley did not wake.
And at 4pm Tom drove home to watch the big kids.

The chick at the window at Sunrise told us to come in as soon as she saw me.
She remembered me from the last two times.
And the ER nurse took his pulse ox and vitals and started to walk us back to a room
 and decided to take us to the trauma bay instead.
And this is Bradley's third time being in the trauma bay in the ER.

And she could not wake him.
He would stir and cry and fall right back asleep.

And they took all the tests they usually take.
And they admitted him so they could watch him.
He refused to wake up.

I would watch nurses as they would make eye contact with me.
They would look at me twice and say, "You were just here!"

When we got upstairs we had the same nurse we had three days ago.
She carried Bradley from the gurney to the bed and remarked at how out of it he was.

The test results started coming back.
Everything was normal.
Sometimes I fantasize about abnormal test results.
A team of docs coming to deliver the news;
Me bursting into tears-
But it never happens.

At 6am this morning he suddenly woke up.
And he was HUNGRY!
He was acting like his normal self.
Like nothing had happened.

And more results came back. All normal.
And they let us go tonight.

I don't know what it was.
Hopefully a growth spurt.
Although my other kids have never had 30 hour growth spurts.

I've become what I feared I would become when Bradley was in the NICU.
No makeup, messy hair, thick socks, comfy shoes, sweats and a t-shirt.
I look like I live there.
And I have a bag packed and ready to go always.
And the nurses call me "Momma", like they have the right to.

And I'm becoming a medical supplies consumer.
And I felt like a hoarder saving all the pulse/ox probes the nurses were throwing away.
And I mentioned that I needed some alchol wipes for my home accu-checker,
And my nurse brought me some, and it made my day!

I'm very glad he woke up and I got to see his pretty eyes today.
And I'm even happier to be home.
My universe will never be the same because of Bradley.
I'm glad he is here with me.