Tuesday, June 19, 2012


This is my rock.

Handsome and helpful.

One of the best things Tom tells me is "It's really not that bad."
He is a great example of happiness himself.
He is simply just happy.

And there have been times I have been very sad.
And Tom has said "It's really not that bad."
And he has made me realize, it really is not.

I encounter people who think I should be crying all the time.
Doctors, nurses, peers with and without special needs children.
And things are hard sometimes.
Bradley is a little extra work.
But he is such a happy kid.
I think he got Tom's disposition.
I am lucky.

And everyday I count ourselves lucky not to have more to manage.
And Bradley has acquired more conditions as he has aged, that is true.
And he might acquire more conditions still.
But it can ALWAYS be worse, right?
Even if Bradley never walks and I'm hoisting him into a bathtub when he is 30,
I'm sure I will still have things to be grateful for then.

I have been so blessed. And I just want to say that.
Even with everything I have been through,
I still consider myself lucky.