Monday, December 24, 2012

I still believe

We had such a beautiful Christmas Eve tonight!! I love my kids!!
Charlotte was a sickie. And Bradley is limited on what he can do.
And so we only had two kids who could actually make gingerbread houses this year.
 Madeleine's house
 Jacob's house
I know, they are getting so old!!
And soon their lack of interest, in things like we did tonight, will over take them.
So I'm savoring the moment while I can. Even if it wasn't perfect!!
And when the activities were dying down, there was a sudden knock at the door.
And Madeleine and Jacob sprung to their feet to answer it.
And Dad told them to, "WAIT!!"
Lucky for the ding-dong-ditchers or else they would have been caught.
And on our doorstep was the largest red felt bag I have ever seen.

And a tiny note was attached from Santa, and it said:

Now when I read the note, I knew I had seen the handwriting before.
Although now, I cannot place who's it is.
And now that I'm sitting down to write this, and looking at the photo,
I'm sure this IS handwriting I've seen before because it IS SANTA'S!!

And the kids were all excited to see what was inside,
but as the note instructed I told them they had to wait!!
And after they were all bathed and we had read the Christmas Story,
and they were all snug in their beds,
Tom and I crept downstairs.
And that bag was full of the sweetest gifts for my children.
And I'm so thankful to whomever sent it.
And the things inside fit perfectly with the trip we have planned next week.
And I'd like to say thank you to where-ever the bag came from ;)
But part of me is feeling like Santa really is real!!
And that I'm just his helper in this whole Christmas thing.
And when I lack, I'm so made up for, in so many areas.
And we have been the recipients of so many miracles this year.
So thank you for letting me know you are real Santa.
Thank you!!
Dear Madeleine,

Thank you so much for being such a good girl this year!!
I really appreciate the help you have given to your Mother.
Your Mom asked me to please be good to you kids this year because of everything that you have been through with your baby brother. Please know, I deposited some money into your Dad’s account so that he might be able to afford the trip to Disneyland next week.
Don’t let him spend it on foolish things. Have fun!

Santa Clause


Dear Jacob,

I’m sorry you were sick this week. You have been such a help to your Mother this past year,
that she asked me to send a bit of money to help with the trip to Disneyland.
Tell your Dad not to spend the money on anything but the trip!!
Keep Bradley safe for me too. Enjoy the time you have together.
You are a special boy to have a brother like Bradley.

Santa Clause

(Jacob was eating his after dinner hot dog and his bun cracked, resulting in this pandemonium!!)

Dear Charlotte,

I’m sorry you’ve been sick this week. Hopefully you feel better in the morning.
Please know that I would have sent you tons of dolls, but I saw you already had so many, and your Mommy asked if you could go to Disneyland instead.
You are going to LOVE Disneyland!!
It is a magical place. Kiss Bradley for me and have fun!!

Santa Clause


Dear Bradley,
I send you my love from the North Pole. Because you were not getting toys this year,
I wasn’t able to personally deliver the gifts.
Instead I had a helper come by earlier in the night.
These games and things will keep everyone minds occupied on the road trip!!
Have fun at Disneyland. It is a most magical place.
You, sweet Bradley, are a teacher of your Brother and Sister's hearts.
Keep on doing what you do, and making me very proud!!

Santa Clause