Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The God of Miracles

 Bradley's seizures changed this weekend. He has been having 5-7 a day for a month.
 And on Thanksgiving a second medicine was started to control the seizures.
And the seizures were getting hard enough that Bradley was starting to yell when they were over.
They were hard.
And he didn't sleep for 3 nights because of the seizures and the secretions.
And I got tired of it.
And we took him down to Sunrise yesterday to the ER to see what they think.
To adjust the medicine even.
 And Bradley's veins gave NO blood. And they tried 5 times and never got an IV placed either.
And they asked about an IO and we told them we had just had one.
And that an IO cannot be used to get blood, so we were not interested in another.
And we asked them to give him the loading dose thru the g-tube.
And the doctor said she would really like to see what his kidneys
are doing through a blood test because of all of the medicine he is on.
And we came back to our original problem;
And the nurses and the doctor all started telling us to look into getting a port.
So they gave him more Keppra through his g-tube and sent him home.
And he slept all night.
And I'm still waiting to see what happens with the seizures. He's already had 4 or 5 today.
And I've been mulling it over in my brain today; wondering if a port would be okay.
And I said a prayer this morning, asking what I should do.
And I called the pediatrician and I told him that I need a way to test Bradley's blood.
And I asked him what he thought of ports.
And he said they are a big deal.
That they are placed through surgery.
There is a risk for infection.
That they can clog too.
But then I asked "So what should I do if I cannot get blood? Just wait until something bad happens?"

And Levin understood my point and said I should call the surgeon then.
And I got a referral and an appointment with the surgeon.
 And I realized this afternoon that Bradley's God is a God of Miracles.
Whatever happens with Bradley;
God will work a miracle through him.
And my God is not a God of fear;
and so I will not fear the port.