Thursday, December 27, 2012

Don't Triple Book THIS Kid!!

 Bradley went out to the pulmonologist to get his synagis shot today.
He had the first time slot in the afternoon.
After he was weighed and measured, Cynthia hooked up the pulse ox and Bradley was in the 80s even with the oxygen going.
I remarked that that was strange and suddenly a seizure hit.
And his oxygen saturation kept going down, down, down.
60s, 50s, 40s. It just kept going down.
Cynthia told me to turn up the tank.
And then it was over.
And the number started rising again.
Cynthia and I started breathing again too.
And she remarked that if he had gone any lower she would have called a code.
She said she has only ever had one other kid do that to her.
And the child wasn't on oxygen at the time.
Sometimes I really like the oxygen :)
And the Pulmonologist triple books appointments.
And I could tell by when we arrived that we would be seen first for the afternoon.
And the nurse practitioner came in and said he heard Bradley had had a seizure with Cynthia.
And I said he had.
And he asked about why Bradley was on antibiotics.
And I told him that all the cultures had been clear; so was the x-ray they took.
And Ryan said that infections can be in more places than just the blood and urine.
I told him that we were getting the port on January 17th, 2013
 and I asked if he would recommend Bradley for it.
He said he would! It would be nice to know why he gets these sudden infections like he does.
Where it is coming from.
After 20 minutes of talking with Ryan, he said how late we were making him and that he had another 1:15 and 1:45 and a 2:00 already waiting for him.
He said the next appointment I make, I was to ask the nurse not to triple book Bradley.
That he is complicated and needs more time for appointments.
And then we started talking about a nurse.
The need that we will have for a nurse when the port is placed.
I told him the insurance was dragging their feet on an approval and Ryan said,
"How many hours do you want?"
I told him I only needed 8 hours a week.
Just one day a week, to go volunteer at the kids school or work.
And Ryan said, "I'll write you a letter!"
I said that would be great!!
He said he sees kids who require less care than Bradley who have nurses
and that he could get Bradley at least 20 hours a week.
I got really excited and told him I would LOVE that!!
And Bradley and I walked out of the appointment feeling so lifted.
That little bit of help would be amazing!!
I am so excited about getting help!!

I am really grateful for my special kid.
Special in so many ways!!
Thank you Bradley for coming to me and allowing me to be your helper.
You have made me special as well.
My purpose has been confirmed in you.
You are an amazing kid!!