Monday, May 13, 2013

The Intended Mother

Every time, I tell Charlotte about a new baby that has been born,
 she asks me two questions;
1.) Does the baby walk?
2.) Does the baby breath?
Charlotte thinks all babies have g-tubes and oxygen and cannot walk.
It's a little confusing for her.
Bradley will always be our baby.
And she brought me her baby doll today
 and showed me how her baby doll could hold up her head.
That made me chuckle.
And the babies Bradley's ages, are not only walking now,
but they are starting to look like really big kids!!
When I see his peers, I'm more shocked than sad anymore.
I'm starting to forget about Bradley's pregnancy.
The birth.
The pain.
Some of those memories, I'm glad to be rid of!
Jacob turned 7 on Saturday,
and I tried to remember the details of his birth,
 and I could not remember!
Memories I thought, I would NEVER forget, are gone.

For the longest time, I was SO sad things hadn't turn out how I had planned.
But time really does heal all wounds.
And I am grateful memories fade!!
I'm am the mother of these four children.
I am a mother of two girls and two boys.
I am a special needs mother.
I am a mother to a medically complex child.
And I know, someday, I will be the mother to an angel.
And I know this IS the mother that Heavenly Father intended when he created me.
It's more than just a calling.
It's was how it was supposed to be all along.
I didn't have a better plan then Heavenly Father's plan.
No one does.
This is the intended mother.