Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Perfect Child

 This morning a friend stopped by to pick up her order
and we were chatting and she told me her baby is not gaining weight
and is having developmental delay and they are going to the geneticist to have the baby tested.
Tears came instantly to my eyes.
It reminded me of my fears. I felt her fear. I felt mine too.
I wanted to hug her and tell her that everything will be okay.
But so many people have told me that and sometimes it does NOT feel okay!!
I said too much. I told her how scary it is.
I talked about death.
And I should have told her congrats for being the Mother of a special spirit!!
I remember the first time someone actually said "Congratulations!!"
when we were finding out Bradley was special.
It was so wonderful to hear "Congrats!!" instead of "I'm sorry!"
There are special lessons to be learned from special kids.
It CAN be a wonderful thing!!
Tom and I have been talking a lot about our genes lately.
How in the HECK did our genes produce Bradley's body?
I mean we have 3 VERY typical kids!!
More than typical in some ways.
Amazing kids!!
And Tom said tonight, as he was drawing up Bradley's 16 doses of Bradley's 8 medications,
"How did we have all of these normal children and THEN have Bradley?
It's like our genes went bad or something."
{I think it too when I draw up all of those freakin' meds!!}
And I thought about that for a second. 
And I said,
"Or, maybe, our just genes got better!
More perfect! More amazing!"
Because we all have our strengths and weaknesses.
And Bradley's strength is definitely NOT health.
But he has shown how strong his spirit is!! 
And I'm sure that is why he is passing us by.
 Because he has passed God's test already.
So perfect the world could not contain him.
He IS our perfect child <3