Sunday, May 26, 2013

To Be Redeemed

In Sunday School today, we were talking about the temple.
We were talking about how the temple can cleanse and redeem us.
We were talking about how the service rendered in the temple makes us better for it.
And the teacher said that when we do work for those that cannot do the work for themselves,
 we become Saviors on Zion.
And I thought about Bradley.
And his work.
The work he physically cannot do.
Because his legs don't work.
He has no voice.
He has no sight or even a means of communication.
And I thought about how I serve Bradley everyday.
How much work I do for him.
And the work that is not only physical,
but the work I am here to share for him.
And I thought about Bradley's work in my behalf.
How I cannot do this work myself.
How he has changed and turned me into more.
How much he has taught me.
And he and I are dependent on each other, to help each other do the work.
We are a team.
I am here to do the work he cannot do for himself.
And he is here to do the work I cannot do for myself.

And then I went into Young Women's
and in the lesson I asked the girls what it meant to be redeemed.
And there is a reason why the youth should speak during lessons.
One of my girls who is very introspective, but has the tendency not to speak said,
"You know when you go to a place like Chuck E. Cheese?
And they have tickets that you win.
And in the end you take those tickets to the counter.
And you redeem them?
That is what it is to be redeemed.
We are taking something of little value and turning into something more.
Something we want more."

I had goose bumps and I told her she was so right!!!
We all have a Savior.
He will redeem us.
We will be more!!
And I was sent my own personal savior in Bradley.
He came to redeem me.
To change me into something more.
And these lessons he is teaching me, help me to understand my Savior more.
The Savior's redeeming power.

And tonight, I'm grateful Bradley and I have each other.
We are both here to help redeem each other <3 <3
I feel very fortunate tonight to be his other half.