Tuesday, October 25, 2011


 Most mothers would like to think they are in control.
And to some degree, we are.

But when you do EVERYTHING you can to make a healthy baby,
and that's not what you get,
you realize that you were NOT in control.

And there is no amount of holding that will fix a mis-shappen head.

And nothing that I have done has made Bradley
strong enough to take his bottle more and his g-tube feeds less.

And I had no control in him only having a one day stay at the hospital for RSV,
even though the Pulmonolgist wanted to tell me I did a good job...


The one who IS in control, is the great creator of us all.
And he is bending and molding our lives to make us the people he wants.
The people he needs.
Some of us he's going to bend until we break, because that's what he needs.
And if we do break in the process, he has a way to fix us.
And we will be okay.

And our test is to see if we will let the creator mold us.
If we will accept his will.
If we will still love him and thank him for what he's doing.

And when he's finished with his creation, some of us are going to be pretty glorious!
And we will be glad we gave him the control.