Thursday, October 20, 2011


When Bradley was released from the hospital we were not sure
 why he had had all the issues he does.

I was in denial and didn't want to say that he may have a chromosomal syndrome.

But that's the truth.

Think of Downs Syndrome (because everyone knows it)
Bradley may have something like that.
To make a baby you need 46 chromosomes. 23 from Mom. 23 from Dad.
With Downs Syndrome there is an extra 21st chromosome.
Bradley has 46 chromosomes; so that is good.
But with his problems of aspirating milk, and his hypo parathyroid, the Doctors believe he has something wrong with one of his 46 chromosomes.

When the chromosomes hook up there are lots of possible abnormal connections that can be made. 
An example of a abnormal connection is having two sets of the
15th chromosome from Mom, but none from Dad.

This is genetics 101.
Most of us forget it from biology our sophomore year.

Because of his particular problems we have a follow up with a geneticist.
She is very busy and it will take 6-8 months to be seen by her.
And that's okay because Bradley's problems have been managed.
And he is growing.

I got my packet in the mail from the genticist yesterday.
It's 15 pages of info Dr. Morris needs to evaluate Bradley.

This is the most interesting part of all of the things that she needs.
Photos of family members.

I'm sure this is going to be an interesting journey.
I really cannot wait for a diagnosis.

Today I told Jacob that Bradley might be different when he grows up.
Jacob said "I know"
I asked "How do you know?"

Children really DO understand more than adults do.