Tuesday, December 20, 2011

"How did he get sick Mom?"

Last night at dinner the kids had questions about Bradley.
Jacob wanted to know how Bradley got sick.
We have talked about it a lot with them but
I think their brains are finally starting to process the whole thing.
And I think I am actually starting to wake and come out of it too.
I'm amazed I have come through this and still made good decisions for Bradley.

And I told the kids about Bradley's hypo parathyroid.
And I told them that that is why he stopped sucking.
And I told them about the flaps in your throat that cover your airway and your food way.
And I told them Bradley's brain was not telling his flaps to close at the right time.
And I told them that the Doctors think that Bradley
may have troubles learning when he goes to school.

And Jacob said:
"Mom, it is okay. I will help him learn things. I will teach him Mom."

My heart swelled with pride as I thought about what a good brother Jacob is.
He loves Bradley so much.

And I wonder all the time why God sent Jacob a brother like Bradley.
What God wants Jacob to learn from this.
How it will effect Jacob later.

I worry about all my kids dealing with this.
With what has happened and what will happen.

But I KNOW that families are forever.
And we will always have each other.
And God wants us to be together in this life and learn from one another.

And Tom keeps telling me that they will be okay.
That all of them have the capacity to deal with this.

I DID get the special spirits promised to me.
Not only is Bradley special, 
They are ALL special! 

And I am so lucky.