Friday, December 16, 2011

Dr. Fiore

This is Bradley Herrick Brinkerhoff.

And he wouldn't be alive today if it wasn't for this man:

 We went to see Dr. Fiore yesterday.
He's my favorite of all of Bradley's doctors.
I like his personality and could see us being friends in real life.

I got to share the exciting news that Bradley can swallow liquids now!
Dr. Fiore was surprised.
Everything with Bradley's g-tube is fine. No infections. No granulation tissue.
And I told Dr. Fiore how tired I am of going to Doctors appointments.
I told him that I'd call him if I had a problem but otherwise
I really didn't want to see anymore doctors for a while.
I told him I've had 3-4 appointments a week since Bradley was released in September.
Dr. Fiore understood and said that we could come see him in six months
and that he trusted me to call him if we had a problem.

I really wanted to squeeze the man and tell him how much I LOVE HIM for saving Bradley's life!

But it seems awkward.

We scheduled the next appointment for June 21st 2012.
That is one day short of one year from Bradley's original due date.
I told Dr. Fiore the next time I'd see him, Bradley would be close to a year old.
He smiled and said, "Happy Birthday!"

How could I ever thank this man for what he has done?

I've told him thank you and it seems so unequal to the service rendered.

The fact that I can have this memory is because of his work:

Dr. Fiore got about $4,000.00 for what he did that night at Sunrise Hospital.
Doesn't seem like enough, does it?