Saturday, December 31, 2011


 The symbol of the new year is a baby.
Because of the new-ness of life.
The potential.

I've had lots of new-ness this year!

New Baby.
Sick Baby.
New way to feed that baby.
New Doctors.
New schedule.
New everything!

This new baby has changed my life.
I knew, before I conceived him; that he would change my life.

We ARE foreordained for some of the things that we deal with in this life.
I understood that more as this year unfolded.

Yesterday my Sister and I had a lengthy phone conversation.
(142 minutes to be exact)
She had her sixth on Thanksgiving; a girl.

We were talking about all of our kids and school and
about Bradley and how his Docs think he's going to have a low IQ.

One of her children struggles with dyslexia.
She told me it's okay to be mediocre.
She said that her six mediocre children would do more combined than one excellent child would.
(LOL! & true)

 It's not so bad to be mediocre.
  I like to NOT be too extreme.
I like to stay somewhere in the middle.

And I wondered how I would ever make it to the celestial kingdom with that attitude...

(something that I've been taught my whole life)
The grace of the atonement will raise me out of my mediocrities to the perfect being I imagine.
His grace is sufficient for all men.

So it's okay to try your best; and even if in the end you are still somewhere in the middle.
His grace is sufficient.