Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Roll With It

Some people are born with challenges.

I used to believe that people who had medical problems were making a lot of it up.
That medical problems were caused by poor diet and lifestyle.
I know; I was a jerk!
And someone has

Yesterday was Bradley's circumcision.
It was a surgery because of the way his penis was attached to his scrotum.
He could have formula until 1am and then only pedilyte until  4am. The surgery was at 7:30am.

When we got there, we had a list of questions to answer.
All of which were not the simple "NOs" I used to give.
I had to list his meds, the dosage, and frequency.
I had to go through the history of EVERYTHING he has been through.
It took about an hour.

At a certain point the nurse had questions about his development.
She said he was in the age group of 4-6 months and asked which of his milestones he had meet.
He's only met a few; maybe half the list.
She marked the ones he had met and then said "he's doing just fine"

We waited for two hours for them to be done.
I worried about him the entire time.

And when the urologist came to get us and bring us back she said
"Everything went well except that it took us just as long to get an IV as it did the procedure.
I finally got him with my loop."

I don't  know what a "loop" is and I don't know if I want to know.
But I take comfort in knowing that he had gas until he got the spinal.

When I finally saw him he was swollen and screaming.
He had tiny pokes all over his hands and feet and he no longer
was wearing the gown they had us put on him in pre-op.

And he's home now and he's double diapered.
The diaper that touches his skin has a hole in it to protect the dressing.
That diaper catches the poop.
The diaper outside the holy diaper catches his urine.
 I have made about 15 holy diapers already.
And he's used them all because of the antibiotics he's on.

And with everything I'm going through and have gone through,
 I have always been prepared.
And truth be told I have ALWAYS loved using syringes!

And it makes me a little crazy when I find Charlotte's dolls with syringes and tubes around them.
And when I hear her say words like "medication"
Three year olds should not know words like that!

But I am reassured by the knowledge that this is meant to be.

Bradley is Charlotte's brother and she will learn to roll with all of this.
 This is what God wants for Bradley AND our family.