Friday, July 27, 2012

Miracle of the Heart

My aunt Terry was in a car accident a few years ago.
Her car flipped and she broke her colar bone
but other than that she seemed to walk away from the accident, unscathed.
A few weeks later, she could not get out of bed.
They took her to the emergency room.
And then parts of her body started shutting down.
The doctors said her system had been shaken up by the accident
and caused her body to start attacking it's self.
She lost her ability to breath on her own and was given a tracheotomy.
She was in the ICU for several months.
When she was released the nurses told my uncle she was going to require lots of care.
She slowly improved.
My uncle worked hard to mend her.
Everyday something got better. Stronger.

When Bradley was in the NICU she called my mom and told her, to tell me, "Miracles happen!"

A few weeks later was her funeral.
She had passed after trying to clear her trach and suffocating.
It was her time to be with Heavenly Father again.
Whenever I feel lonely and sad I think of her laugh and know she is laughing up there right now!

I believe in miracles!
I always have!
And when Bradley was about 3 months old and started rolling,
 I thought he would have a full recovery and that we would be witnesses to a mighty miracle.
But I know that that is not what God wants me to learn with Bradley.

As time has gone on, and new conditions have come,
 I've realized a full recovery will not be the miracle Bradley will be part of.
Instead I think he will work a different kind of miracle.

The miracle God will work with Bradley is a change of heart.
Mostly mine.
And that maybe the mightiest miracle ever!

Yes, Aunt Terry, miracles do happen!
Even miracles of the heart.