Friday, January 20, 2012

Six Months Ago Today....

Six months ago today, 
I was laying in my bed fretting about the tiny baby I had had earlier that morning.
I had lost lots of blood after he was born.
I had passed out shortly after his birth.
And I was to lay flat on my back for 12 hours.
I was showing signs of anemia and Tom had made me cereal and scrambled eggs.
My mom had gotten here a few hours after noon.
When she got here, I was worried and dizzy and scared.

And Tom came up the stairs with Bradley and the bottle he had been eating and told me that he was a strong child and that he thought he just needed to gain weight.
And my Mom looked at him and told me the same.
And I got on Facebook and announced how tiny he was and EVERYONE told me that he was tiny but that they knew someone who had been tiny at birth and now they were 6'5" and 350lbs.

And I wasn't really worried about his size.
I was worried because he had come SO late and looked so emaciated.
And my Mothers intuition told me there was something wrong with his tiny body.

And now we know that calcium does more than just grow bones.
We know that calcium aids all muscle function and that when the body severely lacks calcium

We've learned a lot these last six months and I'm anxious to learn even more in the next.