Monday, January 23, 2012


Today was physical therapy.
The big kids were out of school for staff development.
I could have left them with someone, but I figured
it was the perfect day for them to go and see what Bradley does.
After all, it is pediatric physical therapy, and there are toys and things for kids to do everywhere.

While we were waiting for Bradley's session, 
two, three year old girls came in, from outside, by themselves.
They looked similar in age and they were for sure sisters.
About ten minutes later (yes, TEN!) their Mother came in
and the reason why she was so slow soon became very apparent.
She had a boy with her who was in a walker.
He was holding onto it and barely walking in the typical fashion.
VERY SLOWLY she opened the door and followed him in.
The minute he saw the toys, he let go of his walker and crawled over to them.
I asked if they were triplets and the Mother said "Yes!"
He was so cute.
He was a pure spirit.
I could feel it.
I have met SO MANY pure spirits these last four months!

The office has a window into the room in which they do occupational therapy.
Do you know what OT is?
I didn't before I had Bradley!
OT is therapy to teach kids the correct way to play.
Theoretically Bradley could do OT now because he is not reaching for toys.
And their OT room has swings that hang from the ceiling.
It looks pretty fun!

Jacob stood on a chair and peered into the OT room wishing he could ride on the swings.
Another little boy came next to Jacob and said "That's our OT room."
Jacob had no clue what the kid was talking about and so he said
 "Yep, that's where kids who don't do things the right way go to work on it."
My heart skipped a beat.
But the child who should have been offended asked Jacob to play with him.
Their exchange was so innocent and lovely.

 And I think we have finally found the right therapist for Bradley.
Her and Bradley click.
Today she told me that Bradley has a plan, and that she is here to make sure he lives that plan.
I loved that she called Bradley's life a "plan".
The longer I live with all of this, the more I understand that this IS, indeed, the plan.

And we talked about the helmet that he's getting.
She told me that sometimes typical kids are recommended for helmets,
that really don't need them,
 and so their parents see little improvement,
and so there is a group of people who do not think helmets work.
But she thinks that his head is mishappen enough that we will see a difference.
She also thinks that when Bradley's head is more even it will help him to hold it up easier.
It's so heavy on the one side.
And she said that if he COULD hold up his head we could simply
sit him up and the flat spot would go away.
But he cannot hold it up. And so he NEEDS this helmet to keep him off his flat spot.

He is not typical.
And I have KNOWN he was not typical from the time I first saw him.

But I'm learning that I want to be more like Bradley.
Bradley is lifting me out of my typical life.
I feel that lift when I look at him.
When I study his non-typical ways.
And all of these pure spirits that, I would have otherwise never met, are having that effect on me.
They ARE the pure in heart.
And they do see God.
And I am lucky that I get to be with them.