Friday, January 27, 2012

Diamond Making

I was an actress in high school.

When you get on the stage, in front of the audience, your body shakes like crazy.
But if you channel that energy, into stage presence, you can captivate the audience.
I was quite a good actress. I still am.
I was in a play the spring before Bradley was conceived.
And I'm told I have amazing stage presence. That people notice me, even when I have lesser rolls.
I have honed this skill.
I know how to channel my energies.
I learned it in high school.

This year was FULL of stress for me.

I've had lots to worry about, and stress over, and to be nervous about.

But as in high school when the pressure has been put on me,
I've used that pressure for something good.
I've pushed that pressure out of me in another way.

IT HAS felt like diamond making.
There have been some pretty tough moments.
Moments where I felt like I was splitting in two.
 I'm still here; and so is Bradley.
And I'm starting to feel like a diamond.

The hard things CAN become great things :)