Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Intertwined Souls

Tom and I had our yearly check-ups on Monday.
Neither of us have had one in our ten years of marriage.
But our insurance gives us cash toward our deductible and so,
this year, because of our medical bills, we went!
Tom and I were each asked about our medical histories.
No surgeries.
No diseases.
No allergies.
No, no, no, no, no.
Same answers we have always given.
And later I told Tom that Bradley will someday have a LONG history to give to his docs.
And Tom said "Yeah, THREE blood transfusions!"
It took me a second to remember the blood transfusions...
And then the memories spilled into my mind and I started to cry.

And Tom said "But he's okay now Mary!"
And I know he is.

And I'm kinda glad those memories are fading.


Bradley went to the Endocrinologist today.
His labs weren't there yet.
And I apologized to the doc.
He said it was okay and asked how Bradley was doing.
I reported that he's only gained half a pound since November
and that we have now put him on 24 calorie formula.
I had learned how to mix 24 calories in the NICU out of the powder.
And his gastro has confirmed my memory and we are seeing if he'll gain on it.

I told him about Bradley's helmet and how the
 PT and the orthotist said it will help him to hold up his head.

We talked about his meds.
He said when the labs are back if we need to up it, he will call in the script.

I told him that we are one MRI away from seeing the geneticist too.

As the endocrinologist was finishing his appointment he said,
"You are doing a good job!"
I burst into tears.
He hugged me.
Then he said, "Bradley was meant to be your Son."

I told him I KNEW that.

He said that Buddhist philosophy teaches that spirits
like Bradley did something in a former life that gave them these challenges.
And that he came to my family because of something I had done as well,
and that our souls were intertwined and that we were meant to be together in this life.

I told him that I knew all of that was true.

And I left thinking about our intertwined souls.
How Bradley is intertwined with SO MANY PEOPLE.
And how God told me that Bradley would do God's will.
And how Bradley IS doing God's will.
One answered prayer at a time.
His life has been weaved into all of ours and he is pulling us ALL closer to eachother.
And closer to God.