Monday, February 6, 2012

Eye See

Last week, my oldest had a reason to see a doctor.
She was running to the bathroom at school,
had turned to look behind her,
and ran into an opening door.
Our school was built in 1978 and the doors are huge and metal.
And the speed at which Maddy was running, created a force when she hit the door,
 that sent her straight backwards to the ground and onto her bottom.
She also bumped the back of her head on a pole which supported an awning.
Quite the little accident.
And the person who was opening, the door Maddy ran into, was a 7 month pregnant teacher.
The poor teacher and Maddy were traumatized.
And luckily another congregation of teachers, found the disoriented two and lead them to the office.
The side of Maddy's face, near her eye had been scraped and it was stinging and bleeding.
She was wailing like she does.
The nurse looked at it and realized it was only scraped.
And they called me.
I basically ran to the school.
When I got there I yelled at the staff, pulled her under my wing and whisked her back home to safety.
As we drove home (okay, I didn't run) I was worrying about possible head injuries,
when Maddy spoke up and said "BUT MOM, I WANT TO GO TO ACTIVITY DAYS TONIGHT!"
She couldn't be too hurt if she was worried about a social activity.
When we got home, the MIL was here, and looked and said she thought Maddy was okay.
She did go to activity days that night, and mutual with me, too.

The next morning, to our surprise, the eye was swollen shut!
I called the school and told them she'd be going to the doctor.
We went in at 11am and the doctor said she was worried about a possible fracture.
She sent us to an imaging center for a CT scan.
Basically it's a doughnut that takes a 3D X-ray.
And they saw no fracture.

Through out the whole two day ordeal, I kept thinking about how if this had happened before Bradley
I would have been trippin' out!
But Bradley has given me so much perspective.
Yada, yada, yada...

And she is no longer wearing the eye patch I made her.
Really it was to cover her swollen-shut eye, and once the swelling went down,
she was back to her normal un-selfconcious, un-Quazimoto-like self.

Today Bradley had an eye appointment.
He's my only child who has ever seen an eye doctor.
And the opthamologist saw what I have been telling every specialist he goes to.
He saw that Bradley has vision, it is just not very exact and focused.
So we dilated his pupils to get a better look and found that
Bradley cannot see things that are close to him.

Things like my face when we are snuggling.
He has NEVER seen it clearly.


And the doctor said Bradley can get glasses and wrote a prescription.
And we are going to see a doctor that fits infants for glasses later.
They are a rubber, wrap around type.
And I asked if Bradley would just wear them when he played and the opthamolgist said,
"NO, all the time."

And the opthamologist said that we wanted to give Bradley every possibility of developing
like a normal baby and "If we can fix his vision, why not fix it?"

I had NO CLUE babies could be tested to see what their vision prescriptions are.
And I cannot wait to put the glasses on him and see if he will FINALLY focus on my face.
I feel like Bradley has been looking through me.
And I cannot wait to see him, see me.