Thursday, February 9, 2012

Helmet Head

 We left the orthotist with Bradley's new camo helmet today.
And he loved it so much, he fell asleep on the way home!
The orthotist said that the mother before me had been crying about
her poor baby having to wear a helmet to fix her daughter's head.
I can understand that.
But I'm not sad about the helmet at all.
I was sadder when he got his g-tube.

 And before the orthotist we had an appointment to be fitted for his glasses.
And the doctor at that appointment said that Bradley had some odd proportions.
She said that his head was narrow
and from his ears to his eyes was short
and that even her newborn's glasses wouldn't fit him.
She bawked at the fact that he wasn't sitting up yet
and said that if he just lays and rolls all the time glasses,
flexable or not,
will not stay on his face.
And I told her I needed him to have them so that he could see me when we cuddle.
And she said I could never cuddle a baby or anyone who had glasses on.
She really made me angry.
And I don't think I'll be going back to her.
We will find someone else to fit Bradley for glasses.
Waste of my time.

He kept the helmet on for four hours today.
He started fussing toward the end.
Tomorrow will be longer.
And the next day will be at night too.

But I'm really happy about the helmet, it's adorable and I know it's going to make a difference.