Friday, February 10, 2012

The Hill At The Park

Today the weather was B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L!
I love it when it's 70 degrees in February!
In order to rid ourselves of our winter funk, we went to the park.
We have a cement path at the park and the kids love to bring their scooters and bikes.

When we got there, there were tons of kids on the playground and my kids like their space,
so we dodged the playground and went straight to scooting.
This was Charlotte's first real time on the tyke bike and not in the stroller.
I was amazed at how well she could pedal.
We made our way around the park and then we got to the part of the path
 where the path goes down a very steep hill.
I was prepped for what I anticipated happening to Charlotte.
Like the two other children before her, I thought she would get going down the hill
 and vear off the path and crash into the grass.
But instead she surprised me.
She felt the bike gaining speed and she put out her feet to stop herself.
The girl has instincts.
And the fact that she didn't feel the speed and freak out and lose control, amazes me.

She did better than, I would have done, MY first time!

And through out the whole ordeal with Bradley I had nurses telling me that it was because
 Bradley was born at home and overdue that he was having health problems.
And I knew they were wrong.
Because I had had Charlotte at home, overdue, and she was a brilliant, thriving child with instincts.
She was crawling and walking early.
She grew like crazy and ate less than Jacob had.
She has always been a child who performs well above her age and she just does that.
I certainly have had nothing to do with that.
(I'm a self proclaimed under-achiever!)

And that is PROOF that nothing that we do as Mothers or Fathers makes our children any one way.
Don't you think that if I could get Bradley to do the things Charlotte can, I would?

Bradley is helping me stop internalizing everything my children do.
He really does have a plan and he is helping me to understand mine better.