Monday, September 5, 2011

Dreams Come True

His new crib! He can regulate his own temps now.

I had a dream about Bradley before he went into the hospital. Before I knew he was sick.
In the dream, he was a big 9 month old baby.
We were sitting on my chair in the front room. He was wearing button up pj's.
He had something odd on his face that went up around his ear.
I was holding him on my lap and looking at his face trying to understand what was on it.
Then Jacob came to my feet and Bradley rolled off my lap onto the floor and was playing with Jacob.
They were wrestling like boys do.

I didn't know what was on his face when I woke up.
But after being admitted to the PICU, I had the dream again, and I realized what it was!
It was a gavage feeding tube coming out of his nose and resting above his ear.
I now have millions of pictures of him with gavage tubes taped to his face.

And now he has a feeding tube in his tummy.
And I'm pretty sure that was God's way of preparing me for some of his feeding issues.

Now I hope the part about the boys wrestling together comes true too!