Friday, September 16, 2011


This afternoon Petey the parakeet passed.
He has been sick for sometime and he recently had been so sick he couldn't perch.
Jacob came to tell me Petey was in fact dead with tears in his eyes.
The kids and I wrapped him in a white dish towel and tied it with a red ribbon.
I dug a deep hole behind the cantaloupe vine.
All the kids held him as they lowered him into his grave.
Charlotte said a prayer.
It was so somber.
And afterwards they kept asking if we could go get another bird
and I really don't want to.

My life is so busy right now.
I'm so exhausted in the evenings with EVERYTHIING I have to do to take care of our Bradley.
Follow up appointments top the list.
Today we saw a pediatric endocrinologist.
The endocrinologist said Bradley has infantile hypoparathyroidism.
Which means he will have to take large dosages of calcium for the rest of his life.
I asked the doc if it was a result of in uterine growth restriction.
The doc said they were unrelated.
I asked if he thought Bradley could have a chromosomal syndrome.
He said he could.

My eyes filled with tears as I told him that's not what I wanted to hear.
He put his hands on my knees and said, "We have to deal with what God has given us."
I'm sure I'm not the first Mommy he has comforted about a sick child.

I walked out of the office overwhelmed by what may be in our future...
And as I've been told from the time Bradley was born