Thursday, September 15, 2011


It's a little insulting when Doctors say your baby looks dysmorphic.

Now that he is home with me and bright eyed and cooing,
I'm pretty sure that his tubie and his calcium problems ARE his ONLY problems.

And while I'm going to do follow ups with ALL the physicians INCLUDING the geneticist,
I don't think they are going to find much.

Yes, he does look like an old man, so do LOTS of other newborn boys.

I read my discharge papers today and they say IUGR.
In Uterine Growth Restriction

For along time I thought that if he got this diagnosis it was my fault...
He stopped growing for reasons unknown, not because of anything I did.
And I know being induced or having a c-section would NOT have changed any of this.
It may have made things worse if he had had lung problems.

I measured 37 1/2, from then until the end.
And I wasn't dilating at 42 weeks like we expected.

And we kept second guessing ourselves, thinking perhaps the due date was off.

Now, looking back, I'm pretty sure he stopped growing at 37 weeks.
Perhaps it is because he has an endocrine disorder.

He does have hypocalcemia and a sluggish thyroid.
 And I feel like the Docs in the NICU were focusing on the wrong things.
Not that that was their fault.
They stabilized him, and he came home like we all wanted.
And now it will be in his follow-ups that we will find the truth.