Sunday, September 4, 2011

Live Life

When I go to the hospital, and hold Bradley, I feel God around us.
He is God's son. He was created in God's perfect image. So was I.
But our bodies are VERY different.
I worry his is weak.

And I know that someday
his body WILL be made strong.

But what about THIS LIFE?
I would love it if he did GREAT things;
But I will be REALLY happy if he does normal things too.

Is he going to walk?
Is he going to talk?
Will he feel the warm sun on his face and know that God loves him?
Will he be mad about the body God gave him?
Will others make fun of him because of the body God gave him?

Will he feel true love and passion?
Will he ever have a family of his own?
Will he look into his child's eyes and see Gods?
Will he hear his children play?

 I gave him life, so he could live it. 
Please God, let him live it.