Monday, September 19, 2011

Proud to Be Their Mother

I went to return my hospital grade breast pump today.
The pump isn't cute.
 It doesn't smell sweet.
It doesn't coo at me.
So I let my milk dry up and returned it this afternoon.
Plus my insurance covers the formula because he has a g-tube.
I wish I had enough energy to give Bradley only my milk but the reality is I DON'T.

After we returned the pump we stopped at Wendy's.
While in line a man in front of us dropped a quarter and didn't realize it.
Jacob picked it up and handed it back to the man.
The man told Jacob to keep the quarter for being so honest.
Then he complimented me on having such wonderful kids.
A warm feeling came over me as the Holy Ghost again told me that I AM a good Mother.

I am SO SCARED of what the future may hold for my sweet baby.
If he does have something wrong with his brain.
With all of the unknowns in Bradley's future
 I take comfort in knowing that he MIGHT NOT NEED to be tested like you and I.
He only needed his body.
And I gave him that.
And if his brain never works right, that will be okay.
His calling and election have been made sure.

I look at Bradley sometimes and wonder if is an exceptional spirit.
If he is, I am LUCKY to be his Mother.

These are choice spirits that Heavenly Father gave Tom and I.
And I am Proud to be their Mother.