Wednesday, September 21, 2011

On A Quest

Today Bradley went to get his blood drawn for the endocrinologist.
The poor girls at the lab tried for about an hour.
 They did not succeed.
And now my poor Bradley has two bruised arms.

The pediatrician is going to try again tomorrow.
The endo has to get his blood so he can tell if Bradley is doing well on his meds.

I've been crying all afternoon.
It has brought back memories from the PICU when they couldn't
get into Bradley's body and he almost died
(read about that here)

Hes a hard stick; as a phlebotomist would say.
And he is my challenge.

At the risk of sounding crazy; I have to tell you the next little story:

Late in the afternoon were sitting in our chair, and I said a little prayer for Bradley.
I know I shouldn't make deals with God,
 but I told God that if he would heal my child,
 I would raise Bradley to be righteous and do Gods will.

And do you know what God said?
God told me Bradley IS doing his will,
and that Bradley was bring those around his tiny life closer to God.

I have said SO many prayers for my little man, most of which have been answered.
God is real.
He hears our prayers.
He is testing you and me.
Seeing how strong we really are.
Seeing if, through our trials, we will still believe.

And so tomorrow, I will wake up and take him to the Doc and see if they can get into him.