Thursday, September 29, 2011

Our Angels

Along our journey we have seen angels.

Today an angel got the blood out of Bradley for testing.
She's a great friend.
And she thought of a way to get blood from him without doing a draw.
He's not a bleeder. The blood doesn't come out once they get the vein.
And she thought of a way to run the test the Doc had ordered without doing a draw.
It has been a huge relief.

Another angel was Bradley's Doc in the NICU.
She genuinely loves Bradley.
She saw in him what the world doesn't see.
She saw how beautiful he really is.
She saved his life.

Another angel was the surgeon who saved Bradley's life twice.
He placed Bradley's g-tube.
He got a surgically inserted access line into him when he was so close to dying.
Pediatric surgeons are AMAZING people.
He drew a 3x3 inch diagram of the g-tube surgery, and then he said, "this is actual size"

A close friend with a son with similar health problems as Bradley has been yet another angel.
Her son is sixteen now.
She prepared me for the Doc suggesting a g-tube surgery.
She told me not to fear.
She's still telling me that.
Even though I'd like to curl up in a ball when I think about the future.

 A handful of nurses were our angels too.
They taught me how to take care of Bradley.
They would bend the rules so I could hold him more.
So I could nurse him.
They held him when I could not.
They sang to him and called him bo-bo.

The angels among us are OURSELVES.
Sometimes we will be someone's angel.
This IS God's plan.
That is why he put us here TOGETHER.